6 Jul

Useful Guidelines To Limerick Writing

Limerick can be defined as a fun based poetic form. The origin of the word limerick could not be traced yet people related the term to Ireland. The Limerick is short and rhythmic making it funny and easy to remember. Writing limerick needs some training and help. There are some rules that go with limericks. These rules can help write good limericks. The poem should be just five lines in length and the 1,2 and 5 lines should be rhythmic with others. The remaining 3 and 4 lines have to be rhythmic with each other. The rhythms have to be distinct. The poem is usually written on a funny tone.

Understanding rhyming in limerick
The rhythm is popularly called AABBA. The reason for this is the use of rhyme in 1, 2 and 5 referring to the As in the scheme. The Bs are referred to the lines 3 and 4. The limerick rhythm comes with a tongue twisting name ‘anapaestic’. While reading a limerick you will notice that the first, second and last lines have the same beat and the third and fourth will have a different beat. The following is an example of limerick you may enjoy and learn.

I desired for bicycle as birthday present.
My Dad did not agree but just made a comment
and next put a clause,
‘Let it be Santa Claus
to bring your grand gift on coming Christmas event.

Some simple tricks to write Limerick
Before heading to write a limerick consider two more tricks. The first and second lines are connected and could be the name of a place or person. The last line could be funny. Using the name of a person makes the first line easy to write. You can just use a name of a person or place and the last line also can end with the proper noun. You can use the rhyming dictionary to find out some rhymes for your poem. Once you decide on the rhymes it becomes easier to fill the rest of the limerick.

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