If you are considering reading poetry but are not sure where to start, it is high time you taking some professional help. There are some commendable works that can help you taking a plunge into poetry reading. There are some important works that no one should miss. In the world of poetry there is always something for everyone. It could be a deeply riveting work or new poems or post modernist works or romantic poems, the choice is unlimited.

There are many works from different poets and there may be some renowned and others less renowned. There may some missing from the list, yet may be an eligible read. Depending on the individual’s taste and objectivity a list can be developed. You can keep adding them to your favorite collection.

Some of the best works are listed below:
Lighthead by Terrance Hayes is about the pop culture, masculinity, humanity and race. He is called the people’s poet. The poem is written in a playful tone in a pop and puzzle tone. The poem collection won the National Book Award in the year 2010 and the poem is his fourth.

Praise by Robert Hass is an award winning collection. The poem is his second in his collection of flawless poems. The contents are intellectual, cheeky, beautiful, infused and architectural. It comes with a concern for nature.

The Book of Nightmares from Galway Kinnell
The poems from Kinnell are a class apart, it is forceful, fierce, ravishing and rich. You can call it both academic and alchemical. The poem is comparatively better than his Pulitzer and the National Book Award winning poem Collected.

Twenty Love Poems and a Song of Despair from Pablo Neruda
The poem could attract any lover. With the lines like, ‘I want / to do with you what spring does with the cherry trees?’ you could not ask for more romantic lines.

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Limerick can be defined as a fun based poetic form. The origin of the word limerick could not be traced yet people related the term to Ireland. The Limerick is short and rhythmic making it funny and easy to remember. Writing limerick needs some training and help. There are some rules that go with limericks. These rules can help write good limericks. The poem should be just five lines in length and the 1,2 and 5 lines should be rhythmic with others. The remaining 3 and 4 lines have to be rhythmic with each other. The rhythms have to be distinct. The poem is usually written on a funny tone.

Understanding rhyming in limerick
The rhythm is popularly called AABBA. The reason for this is the use of rhyme in 1, 2 and 5 referring to the As in the scheme. The Bs are referred to the lines 3 and 4. The limerick rhythm comes with a tongue twisting name ‘anapaestic’. While reading a limerick you will notice that the first, second and last lines have the same beat and the third and fourth will have a different beat. The following is an example of limerick you may enjoy and learn.

I desired for bicycle as birthday present.
My Dad did not agree but just made a comment
and next put a clause,
‘Let it be Santa Claus
to bring your grand gift on coming Christmas event.

Some simple tricks to write Limerick
Before heading to write a limerick consider two more tricks. The first and second lines are connected and could be the name of a place or person. The last line could be funny. Using the name of a person makes the first line easy to write. You can just use a name of a person or place and the last line also can end with the proper noun. You can use the rhyming dictionary to find out some rhymes for your poem. Once you decide on the rhymes it becomes easier to fill the rest of the limerick.


Expressing your feelings and experiences on paper does not need any tips or assistance. Just take a paper and fill it with words that best expresses your feelings. The success of a poem depends on how well you communicate your experiences. But if you want to communicate with the reader just expressing how you feel is not sufficient, you have to work towards generating an emotional connect with the reader. This is where you need help. Making a transition from a general poetry writer to kindling the emotions of the reader needs special skill. Here are some tips that you could use.

Stay away from celebrating your ideas and feelings. A poet centric poem that talks about poet does not generate good response. Work towards writing poems that could invoke feelings of the reader. Such poems are written for the sake of the reader.

Defining Goals
Unless you have a goal in mind, you will not know in which direction to follow. Ask yourself what you want to accomplish by writing the poem. The poem could be on a way of life, admiring nature, beauty, social injustice, etc. Once this goal is defined the poem takes an easy flow.

No Clichés
Overusing literary elements could be called clichés. Using a popular plot or a stock character could also be termed as cliché. Lone Ranger cowboy is a well known example of cliché and people use it so often that it fails to make an impact. Many fail to communicate properly with the use of cliché. Readers are looking for works that are out of the ordinary. If the work is loaded with clichés reader feel that the writer has not done enough homework to express their talent.

No sentiments
An overwhelming emotion of sympathy or love could be called sentimentality. Some of the popular subjects include young lovers, puppies, etc. It gives a feel that the emotions are artificial and does not yield the desired response.


Reading poems is a hobby for many and passion for some. People Google for their favorite line and end up reading the whole poem. If you are new to the world of poetry, it is important to understand where to get them and the process of reading poems. For those who have absolutely zero experience the below text will help you get an idea of how to go about poetry reading. Before getting involved in poetry reading, it is important to find out more about good poems and where to find them. Depending on your reading interest and the time you can allot for poem reading you can choose single or multiple poems.

Another question to consider while attempting poetry reading, check if you love reading theme based or author based poems or just about anything you can lay your hands on. Also get to know if you love to re-read poems again and again if you like them. Some poetry lovers prefer reading poems based on the situation they are in. For those poetry lovers there are books like Norton Anthology of poetry that comes with a whole lot of classic poems. You can also choose poetry after reading poetry introduction offered in colleges. Going through popular poetry is a good idea as it will be easily available and can help invoke interest in the subject.

For better understanding it is important to read one poem at a time. Do not stuff more than you can take. Remember it is not simple reading process; you have to first read and then digest the poem before moving to another poem. In fact you need to compare the author’s previous work and then come to a conclusion on the quality of the work. Some of the poetries you can consider getting started include, ‘The Second Coming’, ‘Do not go gentle into that good night’, ‘Lovesong of J. Alfred Prufrock’, and many more.


Are you interest in poetry and want to research the intricacies of the work, then here is some help. Reading poetry is as creative as writing poetry. The best way to explore and have a healthy discussion on different poetic works it is best to be a member of various reading groups. These groups list out poem stacks where you can find some interesting and inspiring pieces where you can make a beginning. If you want to become a poet, you have to start with reading the works of prominent poets. Through regular reading of poetry you can get an understanding of what type of resources to make use of while writing poetry.

If you find it inconvenient to read a poetry, there are listening tools to increase your interest in poetry. There are CDs and online audio streaming available to invoke interest in poetry. There are poetry libraries, poetry archives, websites, Almanac and more places where you can find interesting works from great poets. Poetry library offers their own podcasts and even live magazines that talk about poetry chat, readings and interviews.

The Almanac offers five minutes of a poem, snippets from a book and more giving you the right relaxation while on your travel from work or before going to bed. The web also is loaded with amazing online archives of poetry recording. It is impressive and a festival for those poetry lovers. You can listen to it online or download it for future reference.

Reading poems on your Smartphone or PC has become an easy option with features of having a new poem every now and then. There are online stacks available for browsing. There are US websites available for poetry lovers, you can find full poem texts and you could also search by the theme. The archives, recording and iPhone poetry apps are the best way to develop your reading interest.