Roses – the garden treasure

We love roses as if they would be a treasure for home gardens. The roses, either red roses, white roses or pink and yellow roses, are special flowers to decorate and beautify any common garden. You may think that the roses need special care to convert the garden in a splendor. So, are roses difficult to cultivate? Our answer is no. Roses need just a bit of your attention when planting and a little more when blooming, for help them to resist more.


If you decide to plant roses in your home garden, first of all you have to establish the soil acidity level, because the roses don’t feel well in an acid soil. Then, defer to the light, warmth and wind growing conditions. So, plant the rose bush in that garden corner safe from draughts, in full light, with morning sun exposure. We’ve already written about planting the roses and mulching them. So, with your permission, we’ll pass over that part. The rose shrub watering is very important too. Water a lot of water the garden rose, twice a week, in the evening, without touching the leaves. Otherwise, the rose leaves will go pale and it’s not good at all.

The rose shrub care, meaning pruning for refresh the rose and assure the necessary ventilation process, is maybe the most important and delicate operation in the rose’s vegetation time. There is a particular procedure to prune the rose bush. Always prune from inside to outside the bush, in a sharp angle (45 degrees), just before or beyond the stem knot. In this way, remove the dried branches or the juvenile and without buds sprigs. The best time to do that is in spring, when the rose bush is sprouting. The climbing roses pruning has to be done also after the first blooming so that the shrub keeps the same shape, especially if the roses are dressing a garden arch or any special shaped fence.


There are in flower shops several rose species for you to choose and to make from your home garden the garden of dreams.