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The name goes to explain this form of poetry. Diamante is a diamond shaped poem. It comes in 7 lines, where the first and the last words are similar like grass and leaf or could be opposite like land and water. The poem has a definite structure and has an easy flow. While attempting a diamante start with a single word as the first line, it could be a noun or a pronoun, example home. This should be the topic of the poem you are going to present. The following three lines will describe the first word. The second line of the poem should be two word in adjective. You can use it to describe the first line.

Moving to the third line where the three participles are action words ending in ing. The fourth line can have four nouns and the phrase is larger. If you are writing about home, it could be about food, comfort, maintenance and security. The fifth line will have just three participles and it could be synonym or antonym. For the sixth line choose two adjectives, if it is an antonym poem choose adjectives opposite to the first word. Finally finish it with a final noun. For antonym starting with home could end with city.

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A sonnet has 14 lines with the use of iambic pentameter meter. The two most prominent forms of sonnets include Shakespearean and Petrarchan, the former is English and the latter is Italian. Writing sonnet in its true spirit is described below, go ahead and explore the possibilities of how a sonnet could be written.

Shakespearean sonnet
The best place to start your practice session is with Shakespearean sonnet. It is suitable for beginners as the rhyme structure and scheme is simple and straightforward. The sonnet always follows a pattern. The pattern is defined as ABABCDCDEFEFGG. The letters describe the sound of the last word of each line. According to the pattern the first and the third line have the same rhythm, similarly line two and four, line five and seven and lines six and eight go with the same rhyming until the sonnet is complete.

Petrarchan Sonnet
The Petrarchan does not have the same rhyme scheme or a single pattern as Shakespearean. But the octave (first eight lines) shows a rhyme scheme like ABBAABBA. The sestet (last six lines) will have variations. The most common patterns found in Petrarchan includes, CDCDCD, CDDCDC, CDECDE, CDECED,
CDCEDC. The limbic pentameter meter is similar to the Shakespearean sonnet. Where the lines follow, a “ta-TUM ta-TUM ta-TUM ta-TUM ta-TUM” model.

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