10 Apr

5 Surprising Places Writers Tend to Find Inspiration

The writing muse may prove itself to be elusive on most days. But the best writers are taken by surprise by highly unlikely but effective places to find writing inspiration. It’s necessary as a write to think out of the box and be open to new possibilities. These new possibilities include finding fresh sources of inspiration.

The Shower

Archimedes had his scientific eureka moment in an ancient bathtub when he learned the formula for density in the displacement of water and its volume when he submerged himself in the tub. These days, you can replicate the same effective idea generation with your modern writing skill. Step out of your work desk, take your towel, and head off to the shower. Showering is a relaxing hobby that breaks you free from pressure or looking at your problem too intently to the point of paralysis. As you relax, ideas can come crawling out of your subconscious and solve the writer’s block that has plagued you.

The Grocery

Running errands may be the last thing on a writer’s mind during the height of lacking inspiration or ideas. But the diversion proves to be a ripe source of writing inspiration. Each aisle in the grocery tells of an interesting story. The mechanical method of selecting food and non-food items can unclutter the brain and inspire some fresher ideas as you get fresh vegetables and fruits to stock in the fridge.

The Train or The Airport

Harry Potter writing wizard J.K. Rowling gained inspiration on the train. She was bored with the 4-hour ride and used it to conceptualise and give life to Harry Potter’s adventures. If you are the more romantic type, you can also come up with romantic plots similar to the Before Sunset movie trilogy which also took place in a European train station.

Haven’t seen a friend in a long time or lacking in travel adventures? Take the writer’s block as an opportunity to do so. Catching up with a stimulating conversation can spark a lot of ideas. At the airport, you can also find a lot of story ideas depending on the type of writing that you require.

Bars or Karaoke Night Out Venues

A night out and away from the writing desk may do more productivity boosters than harm. Music is known to inspire good vibes and even help in one’s creativity. Bars can help you unwind and be less inhibited or more open to new ideas or connections you will not otherwise think of when you are in your normal habitat.

Antique Shops or Grandma’s Old Haunts

There is something about historical items from your grandparents or old folks that evoke a unique creative response. Carefully selected antique pieces ignite the imagination with new connections not otherwise found in other mainstream places for generating ideas like co-working spaces and coffee shops.

The writing muse sometimes crops up in other unlikely places as long as the writer has an open mind. Making original connections out of previously unlinked concepts produces some interesting written works. And what better way to elicit these unlikely combinations than by experimenting with writing in different venues?

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