Music has a great influence on our surroundings. Stores play background music to put customers in the mood to prolong their shopping experience. When you watch a movie or a TV show, the soundtrack does a lot in enhancing the scenes. Music evokes the kind of emotion the director wants you to feel for that particular scene and it has proven effective even if the actors have no speaking lines.

During a business presentation, the presenter has to choose the best music for the slideshow so that his audience will not get bored or fall asleep. Choosing the right music for the slide also emphasises the ideas that the presenter is trying to establish. Advertising agencies would pay a lot of money and invest so much time in looking for the best jingle that will make you recall their products in your mind. In writing, music is one of the best things that influences an author. Below are the reasons why music helps in writing especially poetry.

  1. Music inspires you to concentrate. For some writers, turning on some music helps them concentrate. In fact, total silence can be, ironically, distracting. For some reason, white noise or some kind of background music, helps some people focus on their writing. It’s an uncanny skill to be able to “tune out” noise in order to get some tasks done and somehow that is the effect of music on some writers.
  2. Music improves your mood. If you are one of the “skilled” writers who have to listen to music in order to be able to write, then you should have a playlist of songs handy at all times. The kind of music you listen to influences the mood that you want to set yourself to when you write and that will reflect on your poetry. Try listening to modern symphonies when you are writing poetry about grief and you will pen your emotions with dark intensity.
  3. Music encourages creativeness. Have you ever listened to a song or watched a movie that hit you so hard right to the core and it left you stunned in silence? Melodies and lyrics have that profound effect on a person that often their creative artistry needs an outlet for their emotions. The result of this is heartfelt poetry. In general, when you listen to certain types of music, they stir certain intense emotions within you that helps you remember a certain experience. You can use that experience to create a theme for your poetry.
  4. Music urges us to seek inspiration. It is important to find the inspiration that stirs your passions for writing. Poetry is your greatest outlet for the pent up emotions. Sometimes we will find it hard to express these emotions. You have to listen to music to bring you to that level so that you can express what you feel through writing your poetry. Music will help you by channelling your mood into your literary piece.

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